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Raj Chopra and Anand Mishra



Banner : Infinity Entertainment

Producer : Pratima D. Mishra

Cinematographer & Director - Shaad Kumar,

Writer - Santosh Mishra

Lyrics - Pyare Lal Yadav & Ashok Kumar ‘Deep’,

Music - Ashok Kumar ‘Deep’

Action - Shakeel Shaikh

Editor - Govind Dube

Choreographer - Ram Dewan.

Co-producers : B. Ali, J. Singh & Dinesh Chopra.

Starring - Vinay Anand, Divya Dwivedi, Pankaj Kesari, Ruby Singh, Seema Pandey, Vijay Lal Yadav, Dharmesh, Pooja Singh, Amrit Pal, Samarth, Dev Malhotra, Murli Lalwani with Sapna and Seema Singh in item song.

TRINETRA – is a story of a common people against crime of rich peoples. Main story all over Shanti Devi her husband and their family. Villain (Samarth Chaturvedi) is the enemy of this family. During a fight Shanti Devi’s husband has cut Villain’s one leg and for that he punished and facing the jail. So Villain now want take revenge with Shanti Devi’s family. Villain’s planning is working and finally Shanti Devi all alone in her house. But on right time Shanti Devi’s husband released from the jail and save his family and in final fight gives punishment to Villain. But how Shanti Devi and her husband save their family ? Answer of this question you come to Cinema hall.

TRINETRA has already completed 50 days in Bihar and now released in Mumbai this Friday. It’s a multi starrer film. Hoping TRINETRA will also complete 50 days in Mumbai too.


Banner : Guruji Film International

Produced by : Jitendra Pratap Singh

Director : Nand Kishore Mahto

Written by : Jahangir Aarzu.

Lyrics by : Jahangir Aarzu & Santosh Singh.

Music by :  Dhananjay Mishra

“PAYAL” is a female oriented film against the cast, religion and dowry. Heroine (Payal) (Rani Chatterji) belonging with a poor family and she falls in love with her college mate Hero (Prem) (Vikrant Singh). Prem belonging with a rich family. Payal and Prem love very much to each other but Prem’s family not like this love story. Prem’s family want Prem marry in a rich family. But Prem marry with Payal in a temple. Prem’s family never like this marriage. After the marriage Prem gets a call letter for the job. Prem move for the job. After Prem leave the house his family starting brutality with Payal and finally they buried alive Payal under the ground. What happened next? For know that come to the theatre and get answer of your questions.

Start Cast – Rani Chatterji, Vikrant, Nilima Singh, K.K. Goswamy, Seema Singh, Jay Singh & Awadhesh Mishra with Gopal Rai.

“gathbandhan  pyar  kE”

Producer Monika Sinha’s Bhojpuri Film “gathbandhan pyar ka” After the super hit in Bihar recently released in Mumbai with 25 prints and houseful collection. Produced under her banner Akshat Films International. Apoorwa Films Combine, Sanjay Sinha’s presents “gathbandhan pyar ka”. Directed by Vishnu Shankar Belu. This film has containing 12 Songs. Its first time in Bhojpuri film industry when many singer artist shared screen together like Pawan Singh, Chhotu Chhalia, Arvind Akela (Kallu). Main though of this film is inspired from “Nadiya Ke Paar” and “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”. But film is really fantastic for Bhojpuri audience and having catching power audience in theatre. Story of this film starting from Master Dinanath’s house, when he sent his elder daughter Nirmala to Madhopur for B.A. Final examination at his friend Mukhiya Prabhunath house. During the drop and pickup to examination center Mukhiya’s elder son Ram and Nirmala come closed. But they can’t expressed their love feelings. And one day Nirmala go back to her home. On other Ram’s younger brother Lakhan and Nirmala’s younger sister Juli studying in same class but they are against with other.  Slowly-slowly they come close with each other. Finally what happened with these two love stories. Find out, come to theater.

Story & Screenplay Vishnu Shankar Velu, Dialogue O.P. Kashyap. Lyrics Vinay Bihari, Pankaj, Music Pappu Shrivastava. Dance J.D. Action Shakeel. Camera Prince. Art Umesh Sharma. Star cast Bhojpuri Super Star Pawan Singh & Chhotu Chhalia, Rinku Ghosh, Arvind Akela (Kallu), Anjali, Prithvi Singh, Priya Pandey, Vinod Mishra, Rohit, Vishnu Shankar Belu & debut Parnita Singh.

A Parvez Media Production Film

H2O  Production Presents

Phularu Bina Chatni Kaise Bani

Story-Producer : M.D. Parvez

Director : Rajnish Kumar Tyagi

Starring : Sikandar Kharbada, Rubi Singh, Namrata Jethi, Nilima Singh, Maqbool Nisar, Sultan Shaikh, Seema Singh

Music : Madhukar Anand, Lyrics : S. Kumar

Phularu Bina Chatni Kaise Bani sound with the name as a comedy film. It’s full time pass comedy small budget film. Whole story moving around the hero of the film. Hero (Brijesh) when seeing any girl feeling nervousness from inside. One day he accident with a girl Rupali. After some time he goes for select the girl for is marriage and at the house of girl he surprise when he sees same accident girl. He agree for the marriage. His office secretary trying sensual to him but failed. Secretary dreaming the marriage with Brijesh and become the owner of his office.

Brijesh says his weakness to his Mama. Mama starting his treatment and gives him some powerful medicine. Brijesh get married with Rupali. On the occasion of first night Mama handover powerful medicine to Secretary Mahuva and told give this to Brijesh. But Mahuva change the medicine, so medicine gives wrong side effect and Brijesh failed to celebrate his first night. Mama find out regarding this and he send Brijesh & Rupali outdoor for the Honeymoon. But in Honeymoon trip too Brijesh failed to celebrate his first night. Brijesh’s Mama and Rupali’s Mausi also reached to the Hotel. Now Mama and Mausi both give their treatment to Brijesh. What Bijesh and Rupali celebrate their Honeymoon? For know the final result come to the theater.

Phularu Bina Chatni Kaise Bani is a solo hero based comedy film. Brijesh (Sikandar Kharbanda), Rupali & Mama had given their best performance. Lyrics and Music has hearing tone. But there is a weak point. Duration of the film is some less. But total comedy for the all age group audience.

“Aapan  Maati  Aapan  Desh”  Created New Record of Success in Mumbai. Many Shows Continue Houseful

Bhojpuri film “Aapan Maati Aapan Desh” has created in record of success in Mumbai. This film has break record continue many shows of Houseful. This film has opened a new door and hope of success for the film industry.  Produced by Jay Kishan and Ashish Kediya under their banner Real Stone Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.,  directed by M.I. Raj. “Aapan Maati Aapan Desh” is a country loving film based on ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kishan’ and struggle of a widow lady. In this film Ravi Kishan has played role an Army man and Sweety Chhabra had done best performance of her life. Audience also like very much pair of Sikandar Kharbanda and Megha Ghosh. Milind Gunaji, Anupal Shyam, Awadhesh Mishra, Surendra Pal, Sudesh Berry and other stars are also performed good. Manoj Tiger has done good comedy. Writer and lyrics writer S.K. Chauhan and really done good job. R.P. Thakur’s music and cinematography of Akran Khan has an extra attraction of this film. Director M.I. Raj has done fantastic work with his first film.

UD Movie & Gopi Krishna Movie Pvt. Ltd.’s

“Ee Rishta Anmol Ba”

Produced by Deepa Narayan Jha & Aditya Narayan

Directed by Annand D. Ghatraj (National Award Winner)

“Ee Rishta Anmol Ba” is based on relationship of human. Story starting from a village where Kali Singh capture land of Kishan (Hero) and Kishan leave for another village where Satya Pratap and Durga Devi take care of him. After Kishan Satya Pratap’s luck arise, his court case regarding a land comes in his favour and his barren wife become pregnant and finally delivered Chandan. Chandan for the study goes town with his Mausi Sunanda. Sunanda always exploited Chandan against Kishan and create a line between them two. Kishan loves Kali Singh’s daughter Divya, Chandan also like Divya. For younger brother Kishan decided sacrifice his love. But Pujari of Mandir clear everything and now both brother becomes friendly. So finally Chandan goes to Kali Singh for the marriage of Kishan and Divya. But Kalis Singh asking identity of Kishan. Where is Kishan’s parent? What happened in the end? What Kishan gives identity of him or not? Chandan or Kishan who marry with Divya? What happened of Kali Singh? For many more question’s answering come to the theater and view what happened actually.

Film is picturised on very beautiful location, rivers, mountain and other beautiful spot captured by the camera very well. From the acting point of view Amar Upadhay, Urvashi Solanki, Nikhil Utpreti and Gariya Pant had done wonderful work. Music is good but slow, its need some fast music. Overall money of audience returned back after seeing the film. There are total 10 songs in film. During the fight scene stick playing (Lathi) is an extra attraction.

“Ee Rishta Anmol Ba” Story by - Deepa Narayan Jha, Screenplay by - Keshav Rathod, Dialogues by - Rakesh Tripathi, Music by - Lal Sinha, Lyrics by - Vinay Bihari, Shyam Dehati, Rajesh Mishra & K.D. Ghazipuri, Choreography by - Ommi, Art by - Anjani Tiwari, Editing by – Shibu, Cinematography by - Narendra Patel. Co-producers Ujjawal, Neeraj & Nirakh. Stars-Amarr Upadhyay, Urvashi, Nikhil Upreti, Garima Pant, Sanjeev Jha, Uday Srivastava, Pravin Singh Sisodiya, Mona Ray, Madhuri Mishra, Kumar Nair, Hanuman, K.K. Goswami, Maya Yadav, Ali Khan and Anup Jalota. Udit Narayan & Uddhab Paudyal presents the film.

UD Movie presents

Friday Film’s “TU BABUAA HAMAAR”

Produced by : Hetal Upadhyay & Dr. Dev Dutt Kapadia

Directed by : Anand D. Ghatraj (National Award Winner)

Star Cast : Amarr Upadhyay, Monalisa, Vijay khare, Shivam, Tiwari, Uday Srivastava, Mona Rey, Praveen Singh Sisodiya, Manish Mahiwal, Dev Malhotra, Maya Yadav, Bharat Shah, Hanuman, Rakesh Tripathi, Samiksha, Gital Patel and Shabnam.

We are living in 21st Century but today also old tradition hold in our society. This type of illegal and corrupt system misguide to new generation and using them as their wish. Story of TU BABUAA HAMAAR is also related with a corrupt politician and a young guy Vijay. Vijay likes his village much and villagers. He is studying and love to Mohini. But by a plan Vijay’s full family finish. Vijay is burning in revenge fire and local MLA Sitaram is misguiding him and Vijay stuck in black world of crime. What Vijay would be free with Sitaram’s plan? What Vijay find out the killer of his family? What Mohini got Vijay’s love? For getting answer of these question you come to theatre and view TU BABUAA HAMAAR.

There are total 9 songs in this film including romantic and duet. Film has shot on beautiful locations. Amar Upadhyay and Monalisa are in leading role. They have good pair. Overall film has catching power the audiences to theatre.

Story  by Deepa Narayan Jha, screenplay by Keshav Radhod, dialogues Rakesh Tripathi, music by Dhanjay Mishra, lyrics by Vinay Bihari & K.D. Ghazipuri, choreography by Ommi, action by N.K. Chhotu, art by Anjani Tiwari, editing by Shibu, background music by Nikhil and cinematography by Narendra Patel.

Anil Kumar R. Leva  Presents

Qaushin Creation’s

The Reality

Recently whole world is facing problem with AIDS, including our country too. But our country is also facing another big problem Dowry. In “KEY CLUB” these two problems are focusing. How high society’s people in favour of Western Culture swapping wife with the swapping of their Key. But this wife swapping system how harmful for our society its clearly shows in “KEY CLUB”. There are 6 pairs in this film and they are enjoying their college life as their wishes. After the study when they get married and they starting their wife swapping and enjoying. But when Hero get married then problem arises. Hero was love to some other girl but for his parents he married with Sapna (Heroine). Hero also wants enjoy wife swapping game with their friends on every Saturday night. But Heroine not agreed for that. So Hero keeps way himself with his wife. Finally Sapna with a friend of Hero makes a plan and she also join the Saturday Night magic. But she is very clever and keeping safe with her night partners. But how? And finally what happened? Knowing all this come to theatre and view “KEY CLUB”.

Lead pair Hero and Heroine has played good role specially heroine. She is the leader of this film. The film has picturised on beautiful locations and camera has captured very beautiful spots.

Written, Produced & Directed by Aqil A.R. Hashmi. Music by Shivam Bagchi, Lyrics by Anjaan Saagari & Arif Saiyed. Choreography by Shailesh Koli. Action by Raju Singh & Cinematography by Shyamal Chakravarty.  Star cast- Tanvir Hashmi, Rohini Kapoor, Kristina, Dev, Shobhit, Mohit, Sharan, Reena, Laxmi, Ashwin, Annu, Taukir, Pammi, Vinod Tripathi and Spanish Actress Raquel Sanchez.


“Bidai” film is based on dowry. Dowry is a very critical situation of our country. Every years many girls because of dowry and day by day dowry demand is increases. There are laws against dowry demand but rules not followed correctly by the authorities.

Producer Chandrashekhar Rao & Ishtiyaq Shekh trying shows reality of dowry custom of our society through their Bhojpuri film “BIDAI”. Ffter completion 100 days with overflow collection now released now in Mumbai. Produced under the banner of Rajdhairya Enterprises & Balaji Universal. Writer-Director Aslam Shaikh. Lyrics Vinay Bihari. Music Dhananjay Mishra. Dialogue Surendra Mishra. Star Cast – Bhojpuri super star Ravi Kishan, Rinku Ghosh, Mohan Joshi, Brijesh Tripathi, Urmila Rao, Prithvi Singh, Avinash Shahi, Anand Mohan, Amit Parashar, Surya, Dr. Satyanarayan Singh, Shravani Goswami and others.

“BIDAI” is a story of a girl named “Sugandha” (Rinku Ghosh) , daughter of a poor typist Shivdayal (Prithvi Singh). Sugandha’s mother is no more. Shivdayal is taking care of his daughter. Sugandha in her study period love her college friend named Suraj (Ravi Kishan) which is belonging to other cast. Because of cast problem Shivdayal forces to his daughter get marry with another boy Rahul (Avinash Shahi). Rahul is security guard of MLA Jagdamba Singh (Mohan Joshi) of that area. But Shivdayal failed fulfill demand of dowry by Rahul’s family. Resultant Sugandha is facing many problems in her sasural. Her father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law torturing her every time and demanding dowry.

Suraj separated with Sughanda but when he find out that nothing is going well with Sugandha in her Sasural then he decided that with her friends he will give justice to Sugandha. But MLA Jagdama is standing in between. One side Suraj with his friends and one side Jagdama and his powers. Finally what happened? For knowing final result come to theatre and view a fantastic Bhojpuri film “BIDAI”, a unique direction of Aslam Shaikh.

Girdharilal Seksaria


Shubir S. Mukherji Production Pvt. Ltd’s

Produced by Shubhir S. Mukherji. Written & Directed by Neeraj Pathak

Music Nadeem Shravan. Lyrics Sameer

Starring : Dino Morea, Mahima Chaudhary, Suman Rangnathan, Govind Namdeo & Madan.

This Friday “GUMNAM THE MYSTRY” released all over. As its title name indicating it’s a mysterious film. Mahima Chaudhary and Dino Morea in lead role. Mahima Chaudhary played double role. It’s a fantastic film for mysterious audience.

GUMNAM THE MYSTRY is the story of an aspiring actress Ria (Mahima Chaudhry) who models/acts in music videos but has her eyes set on making it big in films as a lead actress. During one of her shoots, she happens to meet Dev (Dino Morea) a stuntman by profession, who saves her life during an accident on the set.  She's impressed with him, soon love blossoms between them and they are on a romantic high. Meanwhile Ria is offered lead actress role in a film by a casting director Rishi Gandhi (Madan) but the condition is that she has to leave for shimla the very next day. Dev is very happy about her getting the role in the film and sees her off, wishing, all the luck. On reaching Shimla, shes introduced to the film director Muni Gandhi (Govind Namdeo) who also praises her beauty and appreciates his assistant's perfect choice of Heroine,

Mahima Chaudhary and Dino Morea played good their characters but Sumanrangnathan is not justified with her character very well. Govind Namdeo as a handicapped director perform well. His body language and dialogue delivery is very good. Overall audience which come to theater view this film one time good time pass, no boring. Now slowly, Ria begins to sense some unusual mystery around her. The director asks her to give a screen test but when she asks for a second take she's refused. His assistant Rishi Gandhi delivers the cassette to Remon (Suman Ranganath), a rich female staying in a huge mansion in Shimla. Who's this woman & why the cassette has been delivered to her ? What happens after the screen test ? How Ria tackles the situation and what's Dev doing in Shimla? All this forms the crux of the story of high voltage drama GUMNAM THEMYSTRY.























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